Paul's Retirement

After 45 years with Jack Petty, I am retiring, effective July 1, 2024.

It has been an honor to have served so many clients for the last 45 years, many whom I have worked with for more than 3 decades! I have been blessed beyond belief and I greatly appreciate the trust that you put in me and my company. I hope that you understand how important the relationships were to me and the sincere effort I put into trying to make each contact as helpful as possible. I firmly believe in top level customer service and I feel I have been able to deliver that to all.

Going forward, the office is closing and the company is not being sold. I am moving my residence to Summit, MS in August and will continue handling some custom work that does not include engraving or any inventory and will have no retail office. For the near future, I will still be taking orders for custom medals and lapel pins, custom etched glassware, certain types of signage and some promotional items. Of course, I won’t be keeping regular office hours and may not be as quick to reply as you are used to but, I am hoping to slowly transition into full retirement.

For at least the next year I plan on keeping my website, email and phone numbers the same and if and when I make changes, I will do so via the website or email. Please feel free to reach out for any questions or concerns you have as I want this process to be as transparent as possible.

But until then, I am working 100% for you and look forward to speaking with everyone!


Thank you all so much.


Paul Costanza




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